SO, I’m not sure about you guys but MY parents certainly do this, and it’s unbelievably frustrating. They want you to be an “adult” but there seems to be a different set of “rules” for “real adults” like mums and dads than there is for us. I mean, at 21 years old, I class myself as an adult, of course. I’ll just jump straight to my point…. the main thing that annoys me is mobile phones. Sounds weird? How many of you have ever been out and you have your phone on silent or you simply just don’t hear it?! It becomes a huge issue, and your mum starts phoning your friend to try and get a hold of you and you end up with multiple missed calls and messages. As soon as I see that on my notifications, I panic, I think something is wrong. Then you phone her back and it’s something stupid like, “why didn’t you bring my washing in for me, it’s raining now” LOL   but before she says her random, unimportant thing that she phoned you 100 times for, she HAS to  have a moan at you — “WHAT’S THE POINT IN YOU HAVING A PHONE IF YOU NEVER ANSWER IT?! WHY IS IT ON SILENT?”  – oh and when I was younger and didn’t have my own mobile phone contract, the best one had to be : “THAT’S IT, I’M TAKING THE PHONE OFF YOU” or “I’M GETTING THE CONTRACT CUT OFF”. However, when a parent doesn’t answer their phone it’s a different story. I phoned my mum this morning at least 8 times (she was out at her friends last night and stayed over….. YES, she is the parent and I’m the 21 year old sitting in her pjs with her dog, cat and a cup of tea :  WILD I know! lol) but I was genuinely trying to get a hold of her for something important and her reply when I eventually got her?  MY PHONE WAS ON SILENT!   ON SILENT?!    I say to her, jokingly, “That’s it .. the phone is coming off you!” But I’m being serious. It’s annoying. What if something serious had happened? How can I get a hold of you? I think the morale behind this one is “don’t have your phone on silent” and MUM, that means you too.

On to the next thing that annoys me…. NAPPING… well not napping exactly…. the thing that actually annoys me is: Why am I never allowed to nap?! I love naps. They make me feel refreshed and ready to continue with the rest of my day. My parents make a big deal out of napping. It’s weird. I can come home from work and feel really tired, I can put on the tv and lie on the sofa and suddenly, I’m sleeping and an hour has passed! I’m then ready to get back up, go to the gym, make dinner, prepare lunches, tidy up… anything I need to do, I can do after a nap. Seems silly maybe but naps are great. But it’s like my parents don’t believe in naps or something?! …. Except when it’s them. OF COURSE! Mum and dad can also come home from work, feeling drained, they also lie on the sofa, put on the tv and fall asleep. But they don’t have anyone shouting at them to “go into bed if they’re tired”. Why is this? Why can parents nap and we can’t? Maybe it’s just my parents? I don’t know but I do know that I am going to keep on napping when I feel like it. LOL. No one will take my naps from me!

Blog number 2 complete. Another weight off my shoulders.

Good night folks,

-R x


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