I decided to try blogging because my best friend suggest I should give it a go. She thinks I could be good at this sort of thing…Probably because I never shut up and don’t really have a filter before I say things…  I think she might be right. I have a lot to say. A lot of things that I think other people will relate to, and maybe even be able to help me through some of the difficult times with their stories and advice.

I’m at the age now where I need to start making decisions and being responsible. Yawn! I done well at school but I went straight into full time work. At the time, it was an admin job. SO boring! Over the past 4 years, I have progressed. I am now in a skilled job, with the same company still but a lot more thinking is involved now. But I’m still BORED! People expect so much from us. I’m bored and sick of getting nothing back for my hard work. Aren’t you?! Minimum wage, long hours and no time to ourselves? I’m 21 and my weekends are spent catching up on sleep that I haven’t managed to get during the week. I am worrying every payday that I won’t have enough money to last the month because I have commitments, like a car, and bills. How are people supposed to live comfortably on minimum wage? We have to somehow be able to eat, drink, be able to do things like go out and socialise, pay our bills and still have our luxuries. But some months, it’s near impossible. People who know me may be reading this thinking “you’ve just been on a holiday of a lifetime” or “you’ve just booked your 3rd holiday for this year” YES. I have. But to do this, I have had to get myself into debt, just to have something to look forward to. I love travelling and seeing new places with my best friends but it can be very difficult to do it and live your life comfortably on such low pay. It’s even worse when you apply for jobs and they don’t even bother to  reply to say “no” to you. That knocks my confidence. I am always trying to better myself and make things a bit easier but it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s hard.

Well I think I should stop for tonight. Wow! Can’t believe I have finally done my first blog. I don’t even know if I’ve done it right lol.  I know one thing.. I feel better after writing that!  🙂


-R x


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