Sometimes you have to do it. You might not WANT to but you HAVE to. Being “two-faced” in certain situations doesn’t make you a bitch or actually a two-faced person.. Does it? I don’t think it does but I guess that’s just my opinion because I’ve had to do it do much recently. I need your opinion on this one guys.

I like to think I am a pretty honest person, and kind to people who deserve my kindness but recently I’ve been really struggling to be the person I know I am. There’s this woman. She works where I work. She is ages with my parents but with the way she acts, you would think she’s in school. It started about 18 months ago.. maybe 2 years actually. This woman worked for the company around 16 years ago. She was now looking for a new job after having her child and our company welcomed her back with open arms. Big mistake! Within about 8 months of her starting work, she had had arguments with several members of staff and she was the main cause for one of the team quitting. Her best friend works with us too. She’s amazing: one of my closest friends at work. She couldn’t be more different compared to this woman. We have around 16 members of staff in our office. Out of these 16 people, she has had fall outs and/or arguments with 10 of them. And that’s not counting the other people in the company that don’t work in our office! Now, she hadn’t personally upset me up until the middle of 2016. She has genuinely ruined my life. People say that as a figure of speech but I mean it when I say it. Did I forget to mention that my dad also works along with us? Well yeah, he does and somehow doesn’t see the evil person that she is. I’m not going to go into it just now, that;s for another day! But basically, last year she was accused of having an affair with my dad (which I still think there is some truth to…… again…. for a future blog lol!) but I had to sit and let her scream in my face and apologise to her for the accusations. We then sorted it, kind of, and we are fine now… kind of! I HATE her. I have never hated anyone so much. My sister HATES her too. She has destroyed our family and she gets to live a happy life with her fiance and kid. I can’t see how that’s fair?  But I smile and pretend I like her for the good of everyone else, and for an easy life tbh. I smile to her face and when she’s not there, I talk about her behind her back. I openly admit to my friends that I hate her but I joke around with her, go on nights out.. and listen to this one.. I’m going on a weekend away with her (for the 2nd time this year). How horrible is that? Does this make me a vile person? As vile as she is? I’ve decided, no. It doesn’t. Sometimes you HAVE to do it. I  don’t know about everyone else but I KNOW I’m a good person and I’ve decided that I don’t care what people think about my decision to pretend to like her instead of confronting her and saying all of these things to her face. I have to work with this woman every day. She isn’t the type to let a grudge go. She’ll make your life hell. So I’ve decided, it might be selfish, but for ME and ME only, I’m going to be a bitch. I’ll be two-faced for as long as I can. Maybe one day it will all come out and everyone will see that she’s a homewrecker and a pathetic excuse for a woman but that day is not today, nor any day soon. That doesn’t make ME a horrible person. & if you need to do it. Do it. For you. Be selfish. Have the rant you need to have about the person you hate. But smile to their face and be their fake friend. This person doesn’t deserve my real friendship. I’m a better person. I don’t make a habit of it though. Apart from with her, if I don’t like someone, I’ll say I don’t like them. I won’t smile at them. I’ll not laugh with them. But with this one situation, I have to & I have decided not to feel bad about it anymore 🙂

Until next time,

-R x


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